The beginning of the end

This semester I had to the opportunity to learn about Don Quixote. He has played such a big role in my first semester here as a freshman. I was asked how I would remember him and the one word that comes to my mind is a hero. I believe that he is a hero because he has been through so much in his life and he believed that he could do better in the world. He went against the norms and stood up for himself and decided to try something different. Through out the book he would not go along with most of what was expected of him. In those times the priest knew thought he was crazy and knew he was acting out of his social class. Don Quixote was a hero in the way that he did not always listen to what was expected of him and he set up his own life for himself. In a way this gives hope to fellow people that if they believe in something very strongly they should be able to do as they please. Without imagination where would be be today? Fiction books and movies would not have been produced and those types of things would not exist. We need imagination in our lives and Don Quixote shows us that we can imagine things and believe in ourselves. I will remember Don Quixote as always going against the norm and how he was the hero of the story. I feel more confident after reading this book knowing that for the next 3 years at UMW If I set my mind to a specific goal I too can be successful and should reach for the stars. This is just the beginning of the end for me and Don Quixote, there is so much for be to accomplish and experience throughout college and I can only say that Don Quixote has helped me realize that.


The mistake at the Inn

The extra chapter that I decided to read was Vol I: 15-17. In these chapters Rocinante wonders off into a herd of mares and tries to mate with them. The herd was owned by a group of Yanguesans. They did not like what was happening so they beat Rocinante. Don Quixote and Sancho find out and go and attack the Yanguesans, they end up losing the battle and lay on the ground discussing how foolish Don Quixote was to “draw his sword” on people who are not knights. Don Quixote orders Sancho to take him to an Inn nearby, they arrive and DQ believes that is a castle. In the next chapter, they arrive at the inn and tell the innkeepers that Don Quixote fell and hurt himself. The wife and daughter tend to DQ and he believes that the daughter is falling in love with him. As the chapter continues, there is a mistake where Maritornes accidentally goes to Don Quixote’s bed instead of the carrier’s, and DQ starts to woo her and she realizes he is not the carrier. The police come and start to beat DQ and he believes the inn is cursed, they take a special potion and decide to leave.

I picked these chapters to read because I could relate the topic to what we have discussed in class. These chapters of the book are very interesting and relatable to a lot of things we have gone over in class this far in the semester. We see again that Don Quixote is being a fool and how his imagination has him wondering again. We can see that Don Quixote believes that the Inn is a castle, instead in fact it is just an inn. He also believes that the Inn is cursed and that he took a special potion that helps him get sick and toss the “evil” out of him. Sancho does the same thing but does not get sick in the way that DQ does. Don Quixote believes that it’s because Sancho is just a squire and nothing more, so he will not get the same effects from it. It just shows that Don Quixote believes that since he’s a “knight” he gets everything better and he is the center of everything that happens. His foolishness gets him in trouble yet again when he also believes that the daughter of the inn keeper is in love with him and tries to woo her. When in fact all she did was help treat his wounds.


Don Quixote Proposal

For our group project, I proposed that we show how Don Quixote is a fool instead of hero. We can show how he has been a fool through out the social class system and how he has caused more pain than he has done helping people. This is shown through many examples especially when he lets the the galley slaves go free and they attack him and Sancho and steal their belongings. There are many more examples of how he has been a fool rather than a hero. I think this would be a good idea for the project because it shows how selfish he really was. We can use the bibliography of our papers and we can also use our resources of the library. To present this in a digital way, I was thinking we create a newspaper online how how he is a fool and how he is a wanted man.

Character Change

In this past week, we saw in the chapters that we read how Don Quixote and Sancho come across a Duke and his duchess and they are invited into their place. When they are there Sancho is acting more confident and into playing the “roles” as squire and knight. In these chapters you can see how Sancho is becoming more confident in acting out this reality and how Quixote now realizes that this all might just be an act and how his imagination is now a reality. You can see this character change and it just goes to prove that two characters have a huge influence on each other. If you put this into the real world, you see influence all over the world. People all over the world are influencing people to buy things, look different, act a certain away. This all has a role in our societies and you see this in the book.

Lost in La Mancha

This week in our class we watched the documentary ” Lost in La Mancha.” There were many different aspects of the documentary that I found interesting and yet a little unprofessional. In the Documentary everything seemed very rushed and very last minute. A few days before they started they did not even have their actors, Even “Don Quixote” was sick the day before they started to film. When they did film they were very last minute about every detail. The producer kept wanting to add different ideas to the movie while they were filming but the crew decided to vote against him. There was one point where a little rain was coming and they decided they would wait it out, but not knowing the area very well there was flash flood and all of their equipment was damaged and they were set back a few days. Another thing is that while they were filming there we jets flying above them and they thought they could crop out the sound but I do not think they could. I just find it interesting how unprofessional they can be when they are movie makers. Some interesting aspects were the actors. I thought the actors played the roles very nicely. The Don Quiote actor for the movie i thought showed an interesting character and was perfect to play the role. They also had an interesting aspect on the giants. I thought this movie has a lot of potential only if they put more time into thinking what to do and have schedule so they do not have any mistakes and know how to do everything they need to do efficiently.

Social Media: Yes or no?

This week in class we were given the challenge to create a twitter account for Don Quixote. We were given an account that was already made for us but we had to decide what would be tweeted and we had to come up with the over all identity. For our account, we made a twitter bot. This was the first time I had been introduced to a twitter bot, but it is just a program that automatically tweets and follows users. The catch is we decide what is tweeted. I would have to say the hardest part was deciding on what chapters of the book we wanted to use for the tweets.

Today in society we view Don Quixote through different types of social media. If I went onto google I would be able to find pages of different websites about Don Quixote. The only tough part about social media is whether or not it is a reliable source. There are times when we are going to have to use social media in our academic or professional career. There are many people who use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media types. I believe social media is a way for people to connect with each other and we as a society will continue to use it and watch it grow throughout the years.






Whats Mine, is Yours

In this past week in class we have discussed many different topics. One of the topics that stuck out the most to me was whether or not we are plagiarizing are not. As students, we are asked to write many papers, find articles, make presentations and maybe even write a blog. We can be lazy and maybe take other peoples ideas and pass them off as our own. In this sense, we call this plagiarizing. We are surrounded by temptation and the internet to help us finish our work very easily, but in fact if we do plagiarize its wrong.

When we decide to plagiarize, we take away from any original ideas that we might have decided to come up with. In the article Plagiarism and its effect on creative work by Shelley Carson, She states that “Everybody does it,” is a typical response.” In our society today, students and even people in the real world have decided that there is not wrong with doing it. They believe that its just another resource to help them get things done faster. It would only be helpful if they gave the author credit and then went off into details about what they thing but just taking someones else works is cheating. Not everyone is doing it, just the people who are too lazy to use their imagination and creativity to try and work through their work is doing it, and most are getting caught.

As a society we should be able to live in a place where everyone can speak their minds without taking someone else ideas. This is what we fought for, freedom of speech, and we are not using it to our full ability if we decide to steal from others. Plagiarism  has been know, in many institutions, to be a serious consequence and looked down at. I think we should continue to look down at it and teach others to use their imaginations and creativity to learn and be original. Plagiarism is one thing that is very important to our society.

A whole new world of Libraries

Over the past week I have been introduced to many different concepts in and around the classroom. In chapters 5 and 6 of Don Quixote there were many controversial topics that included religion, freedom of thoughts and the invasion of property.

In chapter 6 of Don Quixote the priest and barber decided to burn all of Quixote’s books in his libraries so he wont get any crazy ideas and continue his ideas to be a knight. They want him to be a regular man in town. I find it interesting how the priest is the one who decides what books are being burned. It has been know that this could have also been related to the Spanish inquisition. The reasoning for burning the books might have been one way of showing Don Quixote that he has a certain place in society and gallivanting around using his imagination to be a knight is not what his purpose was.


Overall, I believe that burning the books would not make a difference in Don Quixotes life. He has already memorized them all and knows the purpose of all the books and burning them give him no access. His mind is set on one goal, being a knight, and his books can only get him so far.

Digital Don Quixote Video Game

Over the past few years there have been different types of games that represent Don Quixote that have been released, but to our surprise they have nothing to do with the actual book. In these games I have found that they are not related to the book in the way that the main characters are transformed into being the hero and damsel in distress and how there are fictional characters that act as the enemy.

In recent years there has been an on going controversy between video games and the mental state of individuals. Video games have evolved in many ways. In the past, video games were as simple as PACMAN and Mario cart, but as technology and innovation evolved so did the different games that came out. Before society knew it Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Ghost 2 and many other violent video games emerged. Teens have been exposed to these violent games and many believe that they are corrupting the younger percentile of children and teenagers. As a country we try to express that we want peace and that we do not want violence, but these video games are contradictory to those statements. In these games men and women are being shot at, women are walking around acting as prostitutes and citizens are stealing cars and killing the innocent. Due to these video games children are learning to grow up and understand that these norms in the video games are the norm in the real world. I believe violent games should not be able to be made or sold, not just to teens but to all ages. These games are poison to our brains.

I am not someone who believes that as a society we cannot have fun at all, I just believe that a video games should not promote violence and feed our brains with threatening ideas that potentially could lead to bigger problems. If we don’t stop these video games from being sold our society could be corrupt within years if people believe that any of these things could be real.